Dog Training

Katy is currently studying and training to become a certified dog trainer and has started taking on training clients!

At That’s So Fetch Pet Services, we strive to build trust and understanding between you and your dog. We work to educate you on how they learn and why they do the things they do, so we can set both you and your dog up for success and you can have a healthy, happy, and rewarding life together! We aim to accomplish this by offering some beginning training packages, with more to come once Katy becomes certified. While clickers are not required, they are highly encouraged and regardless of clicker or marker word, we use tasty treats as rewards for good behavior! Please note that pricing structure and available packages are subject to change upon certification. We are happy to answer questions new clients may have via email.

Basic Foundations Package:

Build trust and learn how to teach your dog the basics!

Skills taught in this package:






-Loose-leash walking

2 60 minute training sessions: $120

Intermediate Foundations Package:

Review the basics and build on these foundational skills by learning how to do more advanced skills!

Skill taught in this package:

-Intermediate targeting



-Drop it

-Leave it

-Cooperative care (positive body handling for grooming and veterinary care)

4 60 minute training sessions: $240

Reactivity Package:

Does your dog bark, lunge, or whine out the window or during walks? With the reactivity package, you’ll learn how to:

-Manage this behavior by learning dog body language and recognizing stress signals

-Keep your dog under threshold

-Keep your dog’s focus with distractions around

-Desensitize your dog to triggers using counter conditioning

30 minute phone screening and 4 60 minute training sessions: $320

We are not currently accepting clients with a bite history.

Tools we do not use for training: Prong collars, choke collars, shock collars, noise makers