About Us

Katy Schmolke grew up in Stillwater, MN and has always had a fondness for animals. Starting around age 12, Katy began helping family, friends, and neighbors with their pets as much as she could, walking dogs and even overnight pet sitting.

Katy went to Cornell College in Mount Vernon, IA to study music and anthropology, eventually teaching private music lessons in Ames, IA. While teaching music, Katy also began dog walking and pet sitting part time, eventually realizing how much she enjoyed caring for other people’s pets! Katy moved back home to Stillwater in 2018 and decided to start her own pet services business. On August 24, 2018, That’s So Fetch Pet Services was created! Katy has worked with many dog trainers and studied dogs on her own. She has a wonderful understanding of animal behavior and needs.

You may notice a recurring star in several of our pictures (and our logo!) and that is Katy’s dog Blue! Blue is a 10 year old Australian Cattle Dog and is part of the inspiration for Katy’s passion about animals. When Katy got Blue, she was surprised to find that Blue was dog reactive. Through lots of training, Katy built a strong bond with Blue and has turned Blue’s life around quite a bit. Blue even has a few puppy friends now! Because of Blue, Katy was inspired to pursue her dog training certification. She is currently pursuing her CPDT-KA and KPA-CTP certifications.

Blue’s favorite things are long walks on the beach, tennis balls, and making new best friends with anyone who will pet her.